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52 Week 1 - Garage Selfie

With a new year of new possibilities, new goals, new ambition, new gear, and new ideas... WHY NOT start a new photography project?  I tried this same thing last year and fizzled out around April when I got "busy". But its a new year and its what we do. I am fortunate enough to be in a 52 Week group of incredible photo-graphic talent so its about time I tried keeping up with the big boys and learn a new thing or two. You can see the group here on Flickr. Each shot from this 52 week project will include the final image and behind the scenes details ([...]

Family Head Shots

I've put a few head shot projects on the calendar. I have also recently upgraded to some new studio strobes and a.... yes..... background kit (said I never would...). Peter Hurley (best headshot pro in the world) recently went viral with his "squinching" video. So I figured I would torture the family by testing a new lighting setup (and getting my wife to try "squinching"). SO, the squinching didn't work out so well, but for the first try on the strobes... I'm pretty satisfied.  Let me know what you think. BTS First set: AB800 throu[...]

Breakout: Nathan

  On-location sports photography and portraiture is one of my favorite styles to shoot. The kids feel like they are on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I feel like Van Gogh in a room of empty canvas. All day, every day. These dramatic action packed photo sessions are a new offering I call Breakout Sessions.  It is a custom on-location sportsography offering you wont find with the Picture People.  Check out my work and please contact me if you are interested in setting a date. Nathan's parents hired me to capture some fun images of h[...]