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OK, its done. I just pushed the “buy” button on Nikons latest-greatest digital SLR that everyone seems to be talking about, the new Nikon D7000. I felt I needed a new toy….er, I mean “tool” to capture life around me.

The debate has been on to upgrade my current D60 for a while now. The new digital offerings available in the last year alone are just so compelling: higher ISO, higher resolution, higher HD video, and at a lower price compared to what you got just a few years ago. (Plus the bounce off the kitchen floor from my current camera has sped up the process)

I purchased the camera from Abes of Maine (see link below). They seem to be one if the only ones that carry the camera lately. Its very hard to find (seemingly by demand). So once I saw it was available I bounced on it. Amazon was also rumored to have had them in recently.

Click here to see the specs on Nikon’s website to learn more about what is under the hood. Some of the highlights are the 16.2 Megapixel DX-format CMO sensor, high speed 6 frames per second continuous shooting (up to 100 shots), viewfinder with approx 100% coverage, TWO SD card slots, built in wireless speed-light, 1080 HD video, ISO range 10-6400, 39 point auto-focus, and a bunch of other stuff I dont even understand (yet).

You may have heard the debate: “if you want video then buy a video recorder not an SLR”. Many pro’s argue that HD video recording has no place in a picture camera. I disagree. For me, this was the biggest selling point. When at the park with my kids or out shooting, I want the ability to click over to a quality video source and start recording memories. The quality of the Nikon D7000′s video is just spectacular. Check out this short clip by Jase Jarvis shot on the D7000.

Anyway, my new toy is on its way. I will certainly be posting more info as I get to play with the new Nikon D7000.


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